Saturday, September 1, 2018

Growing Jicama in Kihei

The First Mexican Jicama

In January I planted Mexican Jicama seeds in a Smart Pot. It took 6 weeks for the seeds to sprout and begin to grow. Planted in a container they grew a single vine that was 1 foot long by the time the tubers began to develop.

In Kihei the best months to plant jicama are from September through January. The seeds take about a week to germinate. The tubers need at least 5 months to develop. They should be harvested prior to the summer solstice as the high summer temps damage the tubers.

Jicama grows really well at the higher elevations on Maui.

Jicama and a Purple Sweet Potato

My first jicama harvest produced a variety of sizes and shapes - pretty similar
to my sweet potato growing experiences.

Freshly harvested jicama is sweet and crisp way better than any that I've purchased at the market. My favorite way to prepare it is to peel the tubers, julienne them,
add lime juice and a gourmet salt - so ono!

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