Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Growing Myoga Ginger

Myoga Ginger Buds & Shiso Leaves

A few years ago I received a package with lots of Myoga ginger rhizomes.
Mahalo Mac for the Myoga!

Most of the information I found online recommended growing myoga in partial shade. I planted the rhizomes in a 15 gallon container in an area of my yard that received diffused sunlight. They didn't grow very well and I attributed that to the heat. I managed to keep a few of the rhizomes alive for the next two years but they produced very few buds.

Beginning to Grow in Full Sun

In March of 2016 the trees were cut down and I lost my perfect place to grow shade plants. The Myoga container was now in full sun and surprisingly it thrived -
 even during the hot summer.

Myoga is deciduous perennial and begins to send up new shoots in the spring.
The shoots look just like culinary ginger shoots.

Lots of Big Leaves and Flower Buds

From July through September the plants produce flower buds.
Usually the tips of the buds are visible just above the soil surface.
 Although, sometimes you have to feel around in the soil to find them.

The First Flower Bud is Ready

If you grow Myoga I recommend checking regularly from late June for budding activity.
Some years the buds began to appear in early July. In 2019 we had cooler than normal spring weather and budding didn't start until mid-August.

Flowering Myoga

If you don't harvest the buds they open at the tips and small white flowers
will bloom just above the soil. This happened when I didn't check the plants for a few days.

In November, unlike other varieties of ginger that are grown in Hawaii, the leaves/shoots begin to die and the rhizomes are dormant until late March.

The following sites have seasonally available live plants or rhizomes. However, I don't know if they ship to Hawaii. I've also seen live plants and rhizomes for sale on Amazon and Ebay.

Daley's Fruit
Green Harvest.com
Secret Garden Growers
Strictly Medicinal Seeds
Johann's Garden

Myoga is typically used in Japanese cuisine as a garnish. I usually julienne the buds and put them in a jar with rice vinegar. Flavored vinegars, like Fustini's flavored white balsamic vinegars, are great for this too - especially Spicy Korean!

Pickled Myoga
Myoga Ginger & Kabocha Fritters


  1. Aloha Jane,

    I wonder if you are still growing myoga? Would love to obtain some to grow.

    1. Yes I still grow it. Do you live in Hawaii?

  2. hi jane-
    we live in Kahului and would like get some plants. Do you sell? thanks

    1. Unlike culinary, or the ornamental gingers we grow here on Maui, myoga is seasonal. In May it starts to send up shoots and develop new rhizomes, it buds in the summer and then dies back in November. I can give you some rhizomes in November after it dies back. Let me know your email address by emailing me at kitchengardenmaui@gmail.com Then I'll contact you when the rhizomes are going dormant and I can pull some for you.

    2. Oh I forgot to mention that you might be able to find rhizomes on ebay or amazon.

  3. Hi Jane
    I would like to by some Myoga plants if you can ship it to Oahu. Thank you!

    1. Hi Junko - I only grow a small container of myoga. Last year I shared rhizomes with two people and because of that I have very low production this summer. I agreed to share with one person this coming November but I don't have enough to give any more away this year. You can buy rhizomes or small live myoga plants on ebay, amazon and sometimes they have them at Trade Winds Fruit online.

  4. I bought a myoga ginger plant (https://wellspringgardens.com/pages/customer-service) and it arrived in perfect condition...I am very pleased....but I wish I had ordered several or hope my little plant will divide and clump. I don't think they mail to Hawaii, altho they do to Puerto Rico and the contiguous US states.

  5. Ola , me chamo Gabriel sou do brasil. Sabe me informar se é possível propagar a planta usando um botão floral deste da foto que geralmente é consumido?

    1. Myoga is propagated by the rhizomes (roots). I have not tried to propagate it from the ginger buds.