Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Garden of Brassicas

The purple brassicas look so mystical.

Savoy di Verona Cabbage at 2.5 Months

Savoy di Verona is a much larger and later cabbage then the Testa di Ferro. The leaves have a beautiful orchid tinge but aren't very crinkled - that could be due to our warm winter climate.  Savoy di Verona seeds are available from Gourmet Seed.

Purple Peacock Broccoli at 2.5 Months

The Purple Peacock is a small plant when compared to the Piracicaba. One of the plants grew exponentially over the last 2 weeks and produced a very unique broccoli head. Like the Piracicaba, it's suppose to produce a lot of side shoots. The leaves are similar to purple kale and can be cooked or used in salads.

Purple Peacock is an ideal size for a square foot garden or a container garden - seeds are available from Wild Garden Seed or Bountiful Gardens.


  1. Wow, you could hang that first shot on wall and call it art ; )

  2. I agree with always your pictures are just beautiful!

  3. Mahalo Julie and Robin for your kind comments! Cabbages are so photogenic!

  4. ya know i have always wanted to try cabbage next year for sure!!! Thanks as always!

    ~Organic Momma (Zone 9)

  5. Aloha from Oregon! I just found your blog. I'm originally from Kauai so I thought I'd say hi! Beautiful produce. I'm so jealous of your continuous growing season! =0)

  6. Hi organic-momma! Cabbage should grow well for you in the your cooler weather. It's easy to grow and so are broccoli and kale.

    Hi Holly! Mahalo for visiting my blog! We are lucky here in Hawaii as we have such wonderful weather most of the time. I bet you miss Kauai during in the winter!