Sunday, October 21, 2012

I'm Moving!

In my blog I've posted everything I've learned about growing a garden in the Keonekai area of Kihei. All of the growing posts are indexed on the far right side-bar under
Growing Tips

I'm moving to a higher elevation and although I'll still have a garden, the growing conditions will be a little different from gardening at sea level. I may not be adding any new growing posts but I will update my posts when I have additional information to share.

I'll finish adding the monthly newsletters for the year and keep all of the newsletters accessible at the top of the side-bar.

I've been working on converting my blog to an e-book and I'm thinking of uploading it on Amazon Kindle as a free download. Kindle books can be read on any computer - it just requires downloading a free program. When my e-book is available I'll post an update.

I will continue to post about my favorite seeds and recipes on my other blog:


  1. Can't wait to hear all about your upcountry adventures!

  2. Alohowdy, Jane, [silly crosspond humor]
    I am lifting my last slippah from Maui, but I'm very happy for your move upcountry. We had so much stress after moving to Maui that we had to pull up the tent stakes and head to Oregon. Your posts made my garden succeed, I know, so you will certainly find even more success up on the volcano. May you have abundant rain, steady cooling breezes, and great garden success.

  3. Hi Barry! I'm sad to hear that Maui didn't work out for you but I'm so happy to hear that you found an awesome ranch to restore. A ranch will be a big change from backyard gardening! I'll be looking forward to your posts!

  4. Hi Jane, missed this post until now, but WOW. E-book sounds wonderful as does higher elevation (spoken from a 2500' gardener). Where are you moving to? Will us Olinda residents get lucky an have you here? Good luck, I'm sure you're already in new spot! Aloha,

  5. Hi Elise! I think I'm only at the 600 ft elevation but just high enough that's it's about 5 degrees cooler. I should have a little longer growing season and I'm hoping that cauliflower will flower here.